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Aplehebbel 2 Aplehebbel 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good

I like this movie alot. It started out as what I thought might be a little formulaic, but instead it developed into a quite funny/interesting little movie. Good work.

Could you please tell me the names of the songs you used? I'd like to buy the CD(s). They are really unique pieces.

Duck-Duck-Sheep responds:


Well you should buy "Power of the Dragonflame" then because it has like 6 songs that are as awesome as the song used in this...and one of them is it

Pallid Fingers 2 Pallid Fingers 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

An excellent flash

This deserves frontpage easily. A really great parody of salad fingers, without being a stupid clone that tries to immitate David Firth. Has it's own style and is creepy and funny all at once. Fantastic and well executed.

Could you tell me the song that plays when O.D. first sees the toilet (he is looking for drinks)? I was looking through the artists mentioned in the credits but didn't find that song.

Oh and btw, that part about the weird French film with the word "fag" stuck in there -- brilliant ;-)

rtil responds:

thanks for the review glad you enjoyed it
i guess i did forget one band, that's Reign of A Thousand Flames by Rhapsody. Enjoy ;)

The Blammed The Blammed

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sheer Flash Perfection

This was an excellent production. Fantastic job. Judging by your review responses, I'd say you didn't realize what an impact your movie would have (I also notice you have a favorite smiley :D :D :D)

To be absolutely perfect though, after the spike went through the flash file's head, that tear he/she/it was welling up was supposed to slowly run down the side of its face while the music crescendoed, but hey, it was as close to perfection as you can get. ;)

Well, that and the flash file has two right hands in that scene (look at the thumbs). (I admit I've watched this many's just too damn good to watch only once)

I do find it tad ironic that this movie lost daily first place to a flash in which sticks play Counterstrike.

One last tidbit of nuisance and then I get to the good stuff -- I don't think you quite comprehend the sheer volume of human life that was taken during the tragedy of the Holocaust. If you were to kill 100 people a day, you would need 160 years to amount to the number of _Jews_ who were murdered during the Holocaust. (100 people/day * 365 days/year * 160 years = 5.8 million people). At only 50 deaths per day, you would require 320 years to total the same amount. That is NOT the total death count of the Holocaust (which is actually significantly higher).

Okay, I have whined enough about little details -- sorry, couldn't help myself. Your flash movie is superb, excellent, deserving of a long front-page debut, etc. Fantastic work, very well done. Don't listen to any criticism you may receieve -- the timing was impeccable and the musical score fit the movie flawlessly. It was NOT too long, nor was the music "too soft" or what have you. Disregard such nonsense.



JoeandTom responds:

I love long reviews like this! i know its kinda... hard to take some time and write a long one but hey, it helps me the most!

:D (smiley for you lol)

Im not offended by your "pickyness" really it made me go "woops!" so thanks! cause i dont mind noticing my mistakes :P but you didnt even degrade for that, and I thank you!

I've been responding to alot of reviews because I think its best to get feedback from both sides, from the reviewer and the maker.

and yeah.. my math was a little off.. :( sorry for that...

I have noticed this movie has touched alot of people and wow, im really suprised, because I had no idea it would inspire so many! :P

Thank you very much for this review DerGeist! Danke!


Recent Game Reviews

Warp Forest Warp Forest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game, several things need work

Overall a fun puzzle game, good music. Controls were awkward and unfortunately levels 20+ stopped being fun altogether because the focus on the game wasn't solving puzzles, it was "how many frustratingly-easy-to-mess-up things can I make the player do in a row? 5? 10? 50?" By level 27 the game had become "oops, you stayed on plate X for 3 yoctoseconds too long, you lose, start over!" or "hah, you moved six microns too far onto this plate, you got killed by 658 fireballs simultaneously!" or "one pixel of your left from tire is on square Y, the spider will now hunt you where ever you go" and so on. The puzzle aspect should be the main feature, not annoying controls that limit the player's ability to finish maps.

I beat the whole game in case anyone is wondering. And no, I didn't need the tutorials. :-P

As I said before, it was a fun game at first.

GameBalance responds:

-> "hah, you moved six microns too far onto this plate, you got killed by 658 fireballs simultaneously!"


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!

This is an awesome game. Simply amazing that it was done entirely from code. This is addictive and fun, I love the idea of making a pet and tossing it. The "splat" is also quite viscerally satisfying, and the "kill" is a necessary feature when you do a crappy throw and just want it over with.

Great job overall.

Spoilers for those who are having trouble:

The game measures the speed of your throw by using the time it takes for your mouse to make it to the top of the screen. To improve this:

1) Increase your mouse sensitivity (durr)
2) Hold down the left mouse button on your creature with one hand, use the other to flick the mouse quickly away from you

Tip: When you see a trampoline, hit space and try to get above it. Land on it as far above it as you can and repeat. If you hit a trampoline by happenstance, hit space at the peak of your ascent. Go up and look for trampolines to boost you up further.

WARNING: Do not fly directly upwards unless you're trying to land straight on a trampoline. Give your little guy some sideways motion or you'll plummet straight down to death (which is bad).

To cheat, edit the URL of the newground game popup. Some commands are passed in as PHP parameters. The one of interest is at the end of the URL -- namely, the size. Decrease the size to something small, say, 100x200. Start the game and whip your mouse to the top like your normally would. The game is now so small it takes you almost no time at all to reach the screen top and so your character flies up super-fast. I've gotten so high it took literally 7 minutes of free-fall to return to visible landscape (that is, deep blue sky with bonuses)

Robo Farmer Robo Farmer

Rated 5 / 5 stars


One of the better games I've played on newgrounds in a long time. Lots of fun, easy to get the hang of the controls (although I would've preferred 1 2 3 4 5 for the weapons instead of Q/W which was distracting while fighting bosses) and smooth gameplay. Judging from the reviews and responses you are committed to keeping the game bug-free for the users. You sir, have impressed me. As a user of Newgrounds, I thank you not only for this great game but also for fixing problems as they arise, and for being such a cool guy.

This game is awesome. I've played through it 5 times and still am not bored. One little quirk got me though, I went through and saved up for the AK-47 but after I bought it and the money was subtracted from my account, it didn't show up in my inventory. Next map, I checked and it said "You already own the AK-47"...under the "upgrade" button the caption was "You do not own the AK-47". Ah well, I still played through like twice more after that anyway. :-P

Great game. Play this now!

AcidBasick responds:

Thanks alot for the review!

I found the problem that you metioned with the AK and it should be all fixed once the newest version is updated.